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Modular vs. Manufactured Homes

Many customers often wonder the difference between modular and manufactured homes. At Town and Country Housing we offer both options. Both homes are built with quality materials in a controlled environment. In addition, if purchased with Town and Country Housing, homes will include 6” walls and energy efficient windows and insulation packages. Listed below are the main differences.

Manufactured Homes

  • Factory Built single-section or multi-section home
  • Built to National Manufactured Home Code
  • Built on permanent steel frame
  • Comes complete with furnace, heat ducts, water heater and plumbing installed
  • Can be placed in manufactured home community or private property
  • Titled as Personal property

Modular Homes

  • Factory built to State Uniform Dwelling Code
  • Placed on frame for transportation
  • Put on permanent foundation such as a basement
  • Comes with conventional furnace & water heater
  • Purchased by land owner, becomes real property
  • Qualifies for low interest conventional mortgage programs